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What is NetSuite

What is Netsuite and How Does it Work?

NetSuite is a cloud-based business management platform used by more than 26,000 fast-growing organizations across the globe. That platform consists of a suite of applications that help companies run their business, understand the performance of their businesses and drive major efficiency gains and cost savings.

The company’s ERP system manages core functions, including finance and accounting, inventory, orders, and procurement. Customers can add options including CRM for sales, service and marketing automation, human resources (HR) for personnel records, performance management and payroll, professional services automation (PSA) to plan and track projects, and omnichannel commerce for both online and in-store sales. All of these modules share a common database. Thanks to that central data source, information from across the system update in real-time and is accessible to authorized users across business functions.

That gives leaders a real-time, 360° view of the business so they can see which processes or departments are excelling and which need a boost.

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